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  • Parallel HR in the News!

    Our CEO and President, Michael Dash is on the 2014 Utah Business Magazine Forty Under 40 program. This award .... . . MORE

  • Parallel HR Gives Back to the Utah Community

    February 27, 2014  was Parallel HR's day to give back to the community by feeding the homeless .... . . MORE

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  • Technical Consultant Needed in Stamford, CT

    The technical consultant will be involved with configuration and implementation tasks as well as system delivery and customer .... . . MORE

  • Looking for a Mobile (Android) Developer in Addison, TX

    Position Summary: We are looking for mobile developers with experience implementing applications using iterative development methodologies.  The .... . . MORE


  • The Candidate Screen

    If you want to reduce your recruiting team’s time-to-hire or time-to-fill, beat out the competition to .... . . MORE

  • Accountability in Recruiting (a DIY Guide for Candidates)

    Recruiting can be an ugly process. .... . . MORE

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  • How Yahoo, Facebook and Zappos Recruit Tech Talent

    It’s no secret that Yahoo, Facebook and Zappos are among the most in-demand and desirable companies to work for. But .... . . MORE

  • Why the Boss Is Late for Everything

    When it comes to time, people in power believe they have more of it at their disposal than others. . . . MORE