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Volunteering is Good for Your Office Moral

February 15th, 2016

While it has been known that volunteering is good for your soul, it seems as though it has other beneficial effects as well. Studies have previously shown that volunteering is also good for your physical and mental health and now it seems as though volunteering is also good for your company health. The physical and mental benefits are just some of the reasons businesses have begun to place an emphasis on volunteering and outreach. Along with helping employees be happier and healthier, it’s also a great way to to build team unity and bring a company together through altruism.volunteering

According to a recent survey, volunteering not only enhances employee effectiveness and efficiency, but it is also a great form of advertising and a good way to get publicity. This makes sense, especially if the volunteering is organized by the company — this means that people taking part will mostly likely be given shirts with the company name on it so that they can show off where they work. Understandably, this means that people working alongside the volunteers will see the company name and make the connection between the volunteers and the company they work for.

If this day and age of advertising, any leg up on the competition is useful. People are more likely to do business with a company they see advertisements for and there is no greater advertising than a group of happy employees throwing themselves into a charitable endeavor with smiles on their faces and the company logo on their chests. If you’re looking to make your employees happier and bring them close, as well as getting some free publicity along the way, think about organizing a company volunteer day and give out shirts with the company logo to wear on that day. If nothing else, you’ll be making the lives of others (including your employees) better and that in and of itself is something to be happy about.

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