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We are proud to announce the first blog to be published by our India office!

February 22nd, 2013

Job Hunting is an Art! Leopard Strategy……..

The word hunting is frequently used by most people while searching for jobs. This made me think, why the word hunting?

When I was watching The Discovery Channel there was a program named Wild Hunters.  On that show I saw a leopard hunting and I was quite amazed.  Unlike other animals the hunting strategy of the leopard (or you can call it a cheetah) is quite unique.

If we relate the hunting of leopards to the hunting of jobs, candidates are like hunters (Leopards) hunting for jobs (Prey).

Now, how is this related to one’s job search?

It is compared and explained as follows:

1)      The leopard has very good observation skills. First it observes its Prey’s moment and location, its size, and whether it will be able to take it down.

(There are many jobs around. You need to know which job is the right fit for you. For that you need to observe, research or partner with staffing agencies to get help in finding the right fit.)

2)      Then slowly and steadily the Leopard moves towards the Prey without making any noise using its camouflage skin to hide itself in bush. The Prey is not aware that a deadly beast is marching toward it.

(First study about the company you are willing to work for, it’s background, tenure in market, turnover, attrition rate, how is the atmosphere in company, package they are offering etc. with the help of staffing agencies and the company website.)

3)      The Leopard makes calculations in his mind to be close enough to get hold of the Prey.

(Make your calculation whether it will fit your profile/culture/skills/salary.)

4)      The Leopard makes sure that he has only 10 seconds to catch the Prey. It has to run as fast as it can and grab hold of the Prey. The Leopard also observes the location and analyzes the chances that the Prey might escape and makes sure he reaches it before that occurs.  Because it knows if the 10 second run is over he will not have enough stamina to run behind it.

(Make sure your resume is updated with correct information and proper format, submitted to staffing agencies or clients on time. The faster the response to staffing agencies/clients enables faster chances to get an interview. Delays in submitting or providing the wrong information can end in lost opportunities)

Keeping in mind the time, the pace, the distance and the strength of the Leopard (Cheetah), build a strategy to catch the Prey on the spot.

5)      Once the Prey is in its range, without making noise the Leopard with lightning speed attacks the Prey & grabs hold of his neck to make sure the prey do not move ahead and chokes him up as he has less energy to run back if he loses the grip.

(Keeping in mind the skill sets if you are selected for an interview, prepare a strategy to face the interview. Make sure you are well prepared technically, brush up your skills as well as personality, be available for the interview on time (whether a phone or an onsite), give answers confidently with accurate information so that you don’t lose focus during the interview.)

6)      Once the Prey is choked the Leopard then grabs the Prey and takes it away to a safe place where no other predators can rob his hunt.

(Once you get offer make sure you make a wise decision to join on time and make sure you are with a stable company, do not switch immediately as it will spoil your profile.)

Quite an amazing art isn’t it?

So Hunt like a Leopard & happy job hunting!!!!



Mahesh Gunjal

Director HR & Operations

Parallel HR Solutions

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  1. Great comparison Mahesh! Happy Hunting to all!

    Comment by Kira van Bree on February 25, 2013 at 5:54 pm

  2. So nice comparison with good explanation for job hunting…Really great.

    Comment by Gyaneshwar Sharma on March 1, 2013 at 3:17 pm

  3. Its very useful and a sound advice, also interesting to read, very useful and important.
    Will keep them in mind. Thanks for the post. Please keep posting more such blogs for more motivation….!!!

    Comment by Narendra Jain on March 1, 2013 at 3:21 pm

  4. It was an amazing synchronization between hunting and job
    hunting…really great…hats off to you for this great thought..It will defiantly
    help me and all other to make their carrier path as stronger as the individual want.

    Comment by Soham on March 19, 2013 at 1:32 pm

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