How to create a useful video introduction

The Components of Communication
Albert Mehrabian, a pioneer researcher of communication in the mid 20th century, found that in any face-to-face communication the components of the communicated message are:

7% – words
38% – tone of voice
55% – body language

In the email driven society of today, tone and body language are entirely stripped from communication. Using video to communicate adds back the ability to use intonation, expressions and gestures to communicate a personalized message.

Video is Proven to be Highly Efficient
Professor Frank Bernieri, while at the University of Toledo studied first impressions and how it can affect a candidate applying for a job. The results of his study showed that observing a short video of a candidate provides a view to the candidate akin to interviewing them in person.


“…twenty-minute interviews in which the interviewers were asked to rate each candidate on attributes such as ambition, intelligence, and competence. Then a group of observers was asked to watch video footage of just the first fifteen seconds of each interview. The results showed that the observers’ first impressions in fifteen seconds almost paralleled the impressions of the interviewers.”2


Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Mehrabian as described by Alan and Barbara Pease in their book The Definitive Book of Body Language.

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