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Companies succeeding in the 21st century are flexible, more agile and more creative than their competitors. No company is better than the people working for it. Anecdotal evidence has suggested that 20% of your staff completes 80% of your work.  In this day and age of specialization where knowledge equals power, you will need a recruiting partner who is plugged into the marketplace and will help you find the best available talent.  Let us be that partner!

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We believe in specialized recruiting and hire subject matter experts to identify and screen in an intelligent informed way. Click here to see our areas of expertise.

Should I consider relocating for my position?
More and more companies are open to exploring the relocation route. This is evident in by a recent study that came out citing that 18.2% of job seekers who found employment in Q2 of 2009 relocated for their positions. This is the highest rate since the second quarter of 2006. When unemployment is high, people will go where the jobs are thus making it easier on employers to move in this direction. The barriers and flight risks of candidates are considerably lower due to market conditions.

In the dynamic, competitive marketplace we find ourselves in, more and more companies are expanding their search options in order to identify the top talent for their companies, regardless of location. The benefits of looking out-of-state for potential candidates for your job openings are many. The first being the number of possible talented candidates increases dramatically. Why fish out of a pond when you have an entire ocean? Hiring managers are more interested in finding the niche skills and talent that will allow their department/company to outperform the competition. In fact, many candidates in today’s day are looking for a fresh start and willing to relocate themselves, sometimes at their own cost. Ask your trusted Parallel HR Partner what you might gain from opening up your search to out of area candidates.

Check out some of our online resources for candidates who are considering making a move.


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