Interviewing a candidate for an engineering job is a little bit different from other types of interviews. When you are interviewing engineers, you’re not just trying to assess their technical skill. You want to get a clear idea of their mindset, their ability to cooperate with others, communication abilities, and approach to problem-solving. Most of this comes down to asking the right questions. We offer you examples of effective questions, as well as other techniques that can help you find and hire the right person for your engineering job.

How to Ask Candidates for Engineering Jobs the Right Questions

 Asking the right questions during an interview can help you discover a lot about engineering candidates. With a smart question, you can determine if they have the level of technical expertise you require and find out if they are going to thrive in your company’s culture. Both are crucial elements of a successful hiring solution. Here are a few tips that will that will help you learn key pieces of information about your job candidates, and ultimately find the right person.

Tip 1: Avoid Yes Or No Questions; Expect Complex Answers

  • Tell the story of the most difficult engineering project with which you have in involved in the past year.

This question works so well because you get to learn about what technical problems the candidate considers difficult and why. You also get to learn about how they operate in a team environment. For example, if they say “I had to do everything myself,” that’s a useful insight to have.

  • Explain the checks and balances you use to avoid making mistakes.

This question helps the interviewer learn about the candidate’s attention to detail. You also get a sense of the candidate’s ability to develop effective processes for reaching success.

Tip 2: Optimize Your Job Listing for Success

Your engineering job listing should do two things. It should emphasize your priorities, and outline why your role is not like anybody else’s listing. When you follow these recipes for success, you can screen out many bad candidates before they even apply.

Tip 3: Watch How The Candidate Negotiates

Negotiation is a key part of the hiring process. If the candidate is fair and articulate, you can be confident that he or she will be a reasonable and communicative colleague. If you are frustrated with their expectations but impressed with their qualifications, that might be a red flag.

How to Learn More About Interview Job Candidates for Engineering Positions

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