5 Reasons Why Utah is the Next Big Tech Hub

Utah has a tech scene that is so vibrant, people are calling the region the “Silicon Slopes.” But what is it about this state that attracted major brands like Adobe and Twitter? At Parallel HR, we analyze emerging opportunities for both job seekers and employers in order to make effective staffing placements. Parallel HR took into account benefits for both employers and employees when creating this list of the top 5 reasons Utah is the next big tech hub.

1. Utah Taxes and Regulation

Two of the major influencing factors in Twitter and Adobe’s decision to move to Utah were the state’s relatively low tax rates and permissive regulations. These features increasingly attract tech businesses, especially when contrasted with the challenges of setting up shop in Silicon Valley. These benefits can help both new and established companies save a significant amount of money and resources.

2. The Utah Housing Market

The healthy housing market in Utah is one of the reasons employers can hire people from out of state. When your location is a benefit, your company can draw from a big pool of talent. Mentioning perks like these are a great way to make a job posting more attractive.

3. Utah’s Surrounding Amenities

Many of the people who live in Utah love its lakes and mountains. Local employers understand and appreciate the healthy work and life balance of Utah’s culture. There are numerous opportunities to ski, hike, fish, hunt, snowboard, swim, boat and more. Parallel HR takes benefits like these into account when helping businesses find talent.

4. This is Over a Decade in the Making

There was definitely a time when investors would turn their nose up at the thought of Utah as a tech hub, but anyone who does so now is about 10 years out of date. The migrations of companies began some time ago, and only show signs of increase. Also, Utah is home to at least five “unicorn” tech startups, which means they are valued at more than $1 billion.

5. Noteworthy Investors in Utah

Tech opportunities in Utah have attracted the attention of people like Mitt Romney and Peter Thiel. The former presidential candidate and Facebook board member/ PayPal co-founder led the first round of investments for the Utah-based smart home company Vivint. The initial investments were incredibly successful, with Vivint bringing in $100 million. This gives you an idea of the size, scope and variety of tech opportunities available in the state.


How to Learn More About Tech Opportunities in Utah

If you are looking for a job in Utah, or need to fill a position there, simply contact Parallel HR at (801) 386-8008 or visit our website. We have delivered excellent matches that leave both employees and businesses thrilled with our services. If you are searching for a job, we look forward to learning about your ideal position. If you are a business, we can’t wait to hear about your needs.


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