People with a strong background in software development and computer science can find lucrative opportunities working as senior software developers. Interestingly enough, the average salary structure of this role does not vary much by experience. That means a newcomer to the position can command a healthy income, making it an attractive option for people seeking work in the tech industry.

Parallel HR has placed numerous people into job positions that bring them financial success as well personal fulfillment. Our team of talent acquisition specialists can find a position that suits your profile. In this article, we will focus on the role of a senior software developer. We will detail how much people in this position earn, what requirements such jobs entail, and where you can find opportunities for employment.

How Much Do Senior Software Developers Make?

  • Average: $97,036 per year.
  • High: $69,000 per year.
  • Low: $128,000 per year.

The variables in salary include location, employer, experience and level of skill.

Senior Software Developer: a Job Description

The background for this role often includes computer science, web development, and engineering. A bachelor’s degree in any of those fields is applicable. Successful software developers possess strong attention to detail, and the ability to multi-task. Software developers write, edit, implement and troubleshoot software, but senior developers should be prepared to manage larger projects on a team as well.

Senior software developers should be comfortable and competent with a wide range of software tools, but some of the most commonly named requirements include familiarity with Java, HTML and CSS. People in these roles need to be able to write, edit, implement and troubleshoot Most of these jobs are done in offices, but remote options do exist.

Senior Software Developer Positions Posted on Parallel HR

  1. This senior software developer position is for a broadcast television company in Draper, Utah. The post asks for an individual with an instinctive understanding of object-oriented development, and experience with Ruby, Go, and databases including MongoDB, Cassandra and MySQL. Softer traits include strong communication skills, dependability, and the ability to thrive on a team.
  2. This job opening in Miami, Florida asks for a senior software developer who is interested in bringing a high-level, long-term vision to the company. The person who fills this role will be expected to able to lead a team to bring this vision to life.

The employer wants to see experience in:

  • js and the hapi.js framework
  • Java
  • Browser-side JavaScript
  • HTML5

Be sure to continue checking Parallel HR’s job postings for updates.

How to Find More Tech Job Opportunities

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