Being a technical recruiter can be a satisfying and lucrative line of work. After all, your job is to help people find their mission. When job seekers find a role that brings them day-to-day fulfillment, the recruiters who made that possible feel like winners. When employers feel they found someone who is a perfect fit for the job, everybody wins. Parallel HR offers premium technical recruitment services, and we can understand the attractions to this type of work. Here’s a guide on how to thrive in this field.

What Do Technical Recruiters Do?

Technical recruiters identify, screen, assess, and recruit individuals for tech companies of all kinds. You will need strong listening and research skills in order to understand the needs of the companies you serve. Communication with potential job candidates is key as well. You’ll need to learn the best sources for finding new candidates. Some technical experience or knowledge will help you in this field, but interpersonal skills are really crucial.

Who Needs Technical Recruiters?

This is a tricky question because the answer is everyone in today’s marketplace. The truth is you have to look pretty hard before you find a business that doesn’t need regular IT assistance. Major technology companies are only the first and most obvious industry. Newer, smaller startups are appearing every day, and they need help hiring the right people too. Besides the obvious eCommerce and technology services companies, manufacturing companies, shipping organizations, the transportation and hospitality industry and many other businesses are all in the middle of adapting and maintaining tech that helps them operate more efficiently. Everyone needs people who are fluent in the digital space to help them navigate today’s economy.

Parallel HR’s Recruitment Process

After years of working in the technical recruitment space, we have identified certain best practices that help us consistently produce results for our clients. We offer them to you as examples of field-tested recruitment techniques, nothing more and nothing less.

Our partnership process begins with understanding the requirements of the client. This involves detailed communication and careful research. Our evaluation goes beyond looking at a bullet list of job requirements. Why? Because we know that so much more goes into the decision to take a job. We try to learn about company culture, perks of the location, and the needs of families and spouses during job transitions.

We’re also committed to creating the best representation of our clients in our job listings. We identify the most important skills or what we call the “must have’s” about each role and design our job descriptions to attract the right candidates.

Learn More About Technical Recruiting

If you want to learn more about technical recruiting, Parallel HR would be happy to help you. Combined, we have over 30 years experience working in the field. We’re proud of the culture and relationships we have built. To get in touch with us just call us at (801) 386-8008 or contact us online. Our website is a great place to read testimonials, get to know our team, and learn more about our technical recruiting services.