Best Process to Follow When Selecting a Technology Staffing PartnerTech companies of all kinds can struggle with high turnover due to poached talent. The fact is, it is difficult to overestimate how quickly tech is growing and evolving. As a result, talented individuals frequently accept more lucrative offers elsewhere. This is particularly true for in-demand positions such as software developers. How can you find the talent you need to make your team perform at its best? The answer lies in finding a recruiting partner who knows the ins and outs of finding talent for a tech team. Here is the best process for you to follow when you partner with a tech recruiter. 

Select A Technology Staffing Partner with Experience

It’s a good idea to begin by making sure your recruiting partner is experienced. Positive reviews and testimonials are a good sign. Ask them about the most current trends in tech hiring as well. Ask them what jobs are most difficult to fill, and why. If your potential partner can answer these questions in an articulate and informed manner, you are probably on the right track.

 Your Technology Staffing Partner Should Have a Proven Process for Success

The next step in finding the right technological recruitment partner is to examine their recruitment process. A successful recruitment process features:

  • A detailed plan for communicating client requirements to job seekers accurately.

Your job posting is important. This is the first thing your future colleague will see when they are looking for new jobs.

  • Thorough research into the tangible aspects of the job as well as the less tangible aspects of company culture.

You would be surprised at what big difference intangibles make. This gives candidates a better sense of what their day-to-day life will be like.

  • Thorough plan for evaluating candidates.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Your recruitment partner must be able to perform this to your company’s standards.

  • A track record of successful negotiation.

This is a complicated process that involves awareness and attention to factors like spousal approval, and relocation. As a tech company, you are in an environment so fast-paced that you can’t get bogged down with details like this. However, you can’t afford to overlook them either. That’s why it’s important for your recruitment partner to handle them.

  • An effective follow-up.

This is a good sign of accountability and commitment to excellence. If this is part of your recruitment partner’s process, you are in good hands.

How to Find a Top Quality Partner For Technological Recruiting 

If you are interested in finding a recruiting partner for the tech sector, get in touch with Parallel HR. We have found solutions that satisfy employers and employees time and time again. We utilize the best practices of recruitment for the tech sector. We can help you find candidates who will help optimize your team. Call us at (801) 386-8008 or contact us online.