What is ERP & What Does an ERP Director Do?

What is ERP & What Does an ERP Director Do?

You can never have too much information about available opportunities while job hunting. Parallel HR is

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This article will focus on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). More specifically, we will be looking at the position of an ERP Director. Depending on your background and skill set, you may be well suited to this role. If so, Parallel HR can point you toward some potential employment opportunities.

What is ERP?

In simple terms, ERP is the process of managing and integrating important components of a business. Every business has multiple branches such as planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance and human resources. Each branch tends to have a software system optimized for operating itself, but not necessarily for interfacing with other branches. ERP can be thought of as the glue that brings these systems together to produce a more cohesively functioning company.

Effective ERP can be used like a nervous system to conjoin a number of working parts into a “corporate consciousness.” ERP Directors save time and money for businesses by eliminating duplicate and incompatible features of operations. Many of these problems emerge in software, which is why so many tech hubs have openings for ERP Directors.

Who Qualifies to be an ERP Director?

The broad qualities that make up an effective ERP Director include critical thinking, attention to detail, and an efficient and entrepreneurial outlook. ERP Directors need to be strong communicators and project managers. They have to be able to interact persuasively with business leaders, software developers, and any other stakeholders in a given project. Many companies that want to hire ERP Directors ask for about 5 years of experience in a related area as a contributor.

Technical expertise is crucial for ERP Directors because they need to be able to understand how their implementations affect each department of the company differently. Being aligned with all stakeholders on a technical level is key to rolling out successful projects.

Parallel HR notes these requirements on ERP Director job posts:

  • The ability to lead software developers and business analysts towards efficient solutions.
  • The ability to drive towards goals and outcomes with focus and energy.
  • The ability to synthesize business processes and data flow diagrams in order to offer recommendations.
  • The ability to manage a portfolio of projects throughout their lifecycle, paying close attention to size, scope, and budget of numerous projects.
  • The ability to collaborate with IT operations in developing and testing new means of business continuity.
  • Have enough experience to mentor staff and identify key players for professional development.

Contact Parallel HR to Learn More About Becoming an ERP Director

If you have any more questions about ERP work, and where to find opportunities in this field, call Parallel HR at (801) 386-8008 or visit our website to view job postings, requirements, locations and more. Parallel HR can help both job seekers looking for ERP Director positions, and businesses that need to fill the role. We look forward to learning about your goals, and how we can move you closer to them.

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