Android is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. This fact has created a large market for Android apps. It doesn’t matter whether you own a consulting firm, a restaurant, or a laundromat, you can provide better customer service via an Android app. As a result, many tech employers are scrambling to hire experienced Android app developers.

People with this skill set find themselves with numerous job offers. Employers often snag them as quickly as they can. The competition can make it difficult to find experienced, qualified people. As a premier recruitment agency, Parallel HR has found staffing solutions for numerous employers and job hunters. Here’s how to find and hire experienced Android app developers.

Attract Android App Developers with Quality Job Listings

With considerable experience in the field of recruitment, Parallel HR has a wealth of information to offer when it comes to developing an attractive job listing. Take a look at the following examples of job listings from our website.

Here are two examples of effective job listings from employers who need Android developers. Note that beyond simple qualifications, these include details about company culture and values.

  1. Android Engineer

This client needs an Android engineer who can fit into a company culture of hard work and dedication. The client seeks a candidate who can create, modify, and implement software applications for utility programs. The candidate should be able to modify software towards the goal of maximizing operational efficiency. The client wants to see a BS in Computer Science, programming, or comparable tech experience. Candidates must be comfortable with Android SDK, Studio, libraries, Java development, and much more. This would be a great position for someone who is passionate about healthcare and nutrition as well as programming.

  1. Android Developer

This client needs an Android developer who has experience working with a startup. The company has created a solution designed to give people more control over sharing their personal and private information. Requirements include a degree in computer science or a related field, two years of development for customer-facing Android apps, published apps in Google Play Store, and more.

Find Android Developer Candidates with Parallel HR’s Partner Process

When you are negotiating with potential Android developer candidates, you have to pay attention to factors such as the perks you offer, how much you can assist with relocation, and many more details. Parallel HR approaches negotiations by acting as an extension of your hiring department. We research our partner organizations carefully to make sure we fully understand your needs.

Move Forward with Hiring Experienced Android Developers

As a cutting-edge recruitment agency, we take pride in every solution we execute. Call Parallel HR at (801) 386-8008 or contact us online to learn more. We would be happy to explain more about our recruitment process, and our past work. We look forward to learning about your business, and how we can help you hire an Android app developer who will bring your team to the next level.

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