Recruiting senior-level employees needs to be done with care. Not only do you need people with complex skill sets and decision-making abilities, you have to be prepared to lead and interact with these people frequently.

Parallel HR has identified and placed talented employees of all levels for a number of companies across Utah and the country. We have experience with the detailed negotiation that goes into bringing senior-level employees on board. Parallel HR understands how employees in these positions need to be able to see and implement the larger vision of your company, which is why we give so much attention to getting to know our partners.

Parallel HR knows that networking is one of the key factors in finding senior level talent. We combine our connections and resources with those of our partners to deliver successful results. This guide will address challenges companies face when hiring senior-level employees, and some of our tested techniques for overcoming these.

Senior Level Employees Attract Competing Offers

High-talent individuals with extensive experience tend to receive multiple job offers at once. This puts companies hiring senior-level employees in an interesting predicament. On the one hand, they need a more detailed negotiation stage before finalizing their offer. On the other, they need to move efficiently enough to not lose the talent to competitors. Our knowledge and resources can help you save time during this process, and arrive at solutions that serve everyone’s best interests. Parallel HR helps you navigate these challenges by learning everything we can about your work, culture, and mission so that we can help articulate those points to candidates.

Parallel HR’s Negotiation Theory

Parallel HR can help you solve this problem with our well-developed negotiation process. We begin with the realistic understanding that no one gets 100% of what they want in a negotiation. However, we do pride ourselves on creating solutions where both the client and the candidate can get 80% of what they want. Our open, transparent dialogues include speaking with spouses, and offering access to our real estate agents as needed. By being accommodating to both parties, we build the type of goodwill that starts the professional relationship off on the right foot.

Our commitment to excellence in our recruitment process extends to our detailed follow up with our partners through a post-start evaluation. Beyond teaching us how to improve our own process, this helps us build a long-term relationship with our partners, and gives us a clearer idea of how to serve them better in the future.

Learn More About Hiring Senior Level Employees

If your company has reached a point where you must hire a senior level employee, contact Parallel HR by calling (801) 386-8008 or visiting our website. Parallel HR is ready to assist with the search,vettingn, and placement of talented senior level candidates. We know you probably have a very clear idea of who and what you are looking for, and we pride ourselves on our ability to help you find that person.