Holidays present an interesting challenge to businesses that are in the middle of searching for someone to hire. As you can guess, most people turn their attention from their professional lives to their personal lives during the last months of the year. Planning travel and Christmas and New Year’s parties can be a month-long job in the back of the minds of many people, including job seekers and employers. While you will sometimes find yourself unexpectedly in need of urgent recruitment services, planning for Holiday trends can help you keep your team staffed, which is one the best ways to guarantee it stays efficient.

How To Plan For Your Hiring Needs Around The Holidays

Timing isn’t the only factor that matters when you are finding the right person for a job. It’s still worthwhile to have a broad idea of seasonal trends, however. Things do indeed slow down for people trying to hire someone between Thanksgiving and New Years. Major industries such as financial services, information, and business services see hiring rates drop to an annual low during this period.

Why You Need A Strong Recruitment Process During The Holidays

There are so many things to think about during the holidays that you are more likely to make a quick decision rather than the right one when it comes to hiring. Following a strong recruitment process can help prevent this potential mistake. Thorough vetting and negotiation can help your company find the best person available for the job.

How Holiday Hiring Trends Can Benefit Job Seekers

Interestingly enough, December is when many CEOs are trying to reduce their operating profits for tax reasons, so they will invest a little more money into searching for candidates. That means you have some reason to take a little hope if you are hard-pressed to find a job right through the holiday months. In fact, even December is not as slow as it used to be for hiring according to some experts.

How To Get Help With Recruitment During Periods Of Slow Hiring

Parallel HR researches the culture of our partners’ companies thoroughly to help us represent them as best as we can during search, screening, and negotiations. We are so committed to the success of our solutions that we perform a follow-up after the fact to make sure everything is going well.

As a premier recruitment and staffing agency, Parallel HR is familiar with the common ebbs and flows of hiring patterns throughout the year. If you need to hire someone, and are struggling to find the ideal candidates due to the holiday season or any other factor, get in touch with Parallel HR. We have created countless staffing solutions that satisfy both the employee and the employer, and we are confident we can do the same for your business. We would be happy to answer your questions about hiring trends, our process, or anything else you want to know. Call us at (801) 386-8008 or contact us online to learn more.