Quality assurance is a key part of the tech industry. You have to make sure your piece of hardware or software is performing the way customers were promised it would. This can make or break the reputation of your company. Reputation relates directly to your company reviews. Company reviews relate to overall brand image and future profitability. For these reasons and more, Parallel HR offers employers valuable resources to help them find Sr. QA Managers. If you are looking for a position as a Sr. QA Manager yourself, we can offer some leads.

What Does a Sr. QA Manager Do?

Sr. QA Managers ensure the quality of the product and the consistency of its production. Let’s take the example of app development. QA Managers make sure the app looks and functions the way it should. Sometimes this means a first-hand test. Other times this means researching and implementing the best practices of QA in order to keep production consistent. A Sr. QA Manager can expect to supervise other members of a QA team, and play a large role in setting company standards.

Key Traits of Sr. QA Managers

One of the most important traits a Sr. QA Manager can have is attention to detail. It takes a special kind of person to design a reliable QA process that works and still allows for expedient results. It takes leadership to implement that process. It takes diligence and attention to detail to follow up and see that the process was carried through.

QA Jobs Available on Parallel HR’s Website Including Senior Roles

Employers can learn about our process for creating effective job listings that produce results from these posts. People searching for QA jobs may find what they are looking for below.

  1. Senior QA Manager

This client is looking for a driven software QA individual to serve in a senior management role. This team is working on next-generation consumer apps. The client wants to see leadership, technical and business acumen, and the ability to plan ahead and execute programs.

  1. QA Engineer

This growing development team needs a QA engineer who can create a system that lets developers spend their time creating instead of fixing. They want someone who will bring a solutions-oriented mindset to the team.

  1. Software Development Engineer in Test

Software Developer in Test positions are a big part of QA. If you’re passionate about broadcast television, this may be the job for you. You’ll have to have a lot of tools in your box to thrive in this role, from software development to solving problems on the fly to make sure deadlines are met.

Learn How to Hire a Sr. QA Manager

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