What to Look For When Hiring Recent College GraduatesHiring recent college graduates can be exciting for some employers. Many experienced entrepreneurs or managers have a mentor mentality, and a youthful college hire seems to contain limitless potential. You have a chance to teach them everything about your business before certain mistakes or bad practices become a habit. They are still impressionable enough to cultivate the exact mindset you want for your business. However, if you’re not careful, you could wind up with an employee who has no experience, and no motivation to learn. This is a dangerous combination that offers no value to your company.  By partnering with a staffing and recruitment agency with a thorough vetting process, you can be confident that you are hiring recent graduates of quality.

The Best Vetting Practices for Hiring Recent College Graduates 

With a lack of professional experience on their resumes, it can be difficult to assess how a recent college graduate will perform on the job. GPA’s, school involvement, and majors can only tell you so much; what is more important is to look at their resume as a whole, and uncover their passion, work ethic, determination, and intelligence. These are skills that you cannot teach, and a motivated, hard-working graduate committed to learning can prove to become invaluable assets to your team.

While college graduates may be limited in the work-related experience listed on their resumes, the quality of those jobs and internships matter. Getting a top internship position with a great company can speak volumes about that individual, as even internship positions can be incredibly competitive. During the vetting process, ask for references from applicants that specifically include past managers or co-workers from their internships or part-time jobs; then do your research to ensure these applicants are the right fit for your organization.

Finally, as a best practice, consider how prepared these college graduates seem to be for the working world. See if their resume or cover letter contains any mistakes. Check that their cover letter was targeted for your specific company. Ask questions that challenge them during the interview process, and look into just how serious your applicants are about working for your organization. 

The Benefits of Hiring Recent College Graduates

While hiring young professionals does not come without challenges, there are many advantages your organization can discover. With less experience, your company can pay recent graduates lower salaries and in turn save on operating expenses. You can gain employees who are well versed in technology, and will learn quickly on the job. They will likely be able to keep pace with rapid changes within your company and adapt to meet all sorts of demands.

Fresh out of school, these graduates are motivated to learn and willing to try new things. These aren’t workers who are stuck in “the old way of doing things”; these are individuals open to new ideas and can support innovation efforts within your organization by bringing fresh, diverse ideas to the table. With lack of experience in the field, they can even force you to re-examine your current strategic approaches as they question “why” things are specifically being done this way or that.

How to Learn More About Hiring Recent College Graduates for Your Company

Hiring recent college graduates can be a rewarding investment for your company – bringing both short-term and long-term benefits. With the potential opportunities comes countless risks, so it’s important you hire right the first time around. To better ensure you extend an offer to the right young professional who will fit within your organization’s mission and culture, partner with Parallel HR. As a premier recruitment agency, we can help you find the best college graduates who will support your company’s future growth and success for years to come. To learn more about hiring recent college graduates contact us online, or call us today at (801) 386-8008.