Our Partner Process

Needs Analysis – Parallel conducts a thorough needs analysis by listening to what hiring managers need and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of their technical environment.

Client Requirements – Documenting a precise job description is vital to a successful search. Today’s top professionals require more than general statements and directional bullet points about career opportunities. They demand specifics on the projects and responsibilities they’ll be challenged with as well as details about the work-life culture and growth opportunities companies can offer. Defining what you want and what you don’t – is a critical step in the hiring process. By acting as an extension of your hiring department, our consultative recruiting experts help you craft the language and create the opportunity that sets the stage for attracting the top talent in the marketplace. We want you to not only hire a great person but the right person.

Research – Understanding the organization we represent, its competitors and the marketplace allows us to provide a consultative approach and advise clients and candidates to assure everyone’s best interests are being met.  Through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other industry sources we engage in ongoing dialogue with leaders in the industry.  This combined knowledge of market insight and keen business knowledge creates a strong combination by which we match the best talent with the best job opportunities at your company.

Evaluation – Our specialized recruiters are dedicated to working with knowledge, transparency, and confidentiality.  Through our process, we have a deep intimate knowledge of our clients and candidates motivations and understand career decisions affect the candidate, their families as well as our clients.  Our thorough interview process identifies must have skills, incorporates technology testing, analyzes cultural fit, identifies decision makers within the process, and vet through compensation.  This allows Parallel to match clients unique hiring needs precisely for the best long term fit assuring successful placements with candidates who contribute right away and grow with your organization.

Presentation – For over 10 years clients have trusted us again and again and the presentation of our candidates are a big reason why.  We provide a detailed summary of the top qualified candidates outlining their career hands-on experience and accomplishments.  Understanding the role each candidate played in specific projects is key to identifying the right match.  The candidates we present have been thoroughly vetted both on their technical and functional proficiencies.  Furthermore, we advise on relocation, cost of living adjustments and any immigration matters as we provide access to our  immigration attorneys when required.  This imperative information is presented along with details on who is involved in the decision making process.  We provide transparency throughout so clients can assess moving forward.  We present candidates who have strong communication skills, hands on experience, strong fundamentals and a high aptitude to learn quickly and grow.  These are the future leaders of you organization.

Reference Check – Parallel HR believes in rigorous reference checking to assure clients bring people aboard who are experienced and have had a positive impact on others they have worked with.  Discussions with previous managers and co-workers make certain that candidates have the utmost integrity and are truthful.  It also allows us to identify areas of improvement to so clients can set an action plan and mentor where needed to ensure the best business results possible.

Negotiation – We understand negotiations can be challenging in today’s market.  When candidates are regularly getting multiple offers, negotiations often change throughout the process.  Having an open ongoing dialogue with candidates and clients allows us to manage the process and communicate effectively. We provide realistic guidance, speak with spouses when required, provide access to our real estate agents if needed, and facilitate a smooth negotiation.  No one gets everything they want in a negotiation but the goal at Parallel is that if our client gets 80% of they want and the candidates 80% of what they want they both walk away happy which builds momentum for when the candidate starts.  Through knowledge, experience and resources we maximize everyone’s time and work for toward a positive outcome that works in everyone’s best interest.

Follow-up – We live in a relationship-driven business and long-term success is the key to building strong partnerships.  It is important that retention is at the highest possible level and that a candidate’s transition to their new job gets off to a great start.  We assist candidates in their resignation process through any possible relocation through their start date.  We provide a post-start evaluation and consistently follow up every couple of weeks to assure we address any concerns and relay them to our clients.  Our deep understanding of the recruitment process reflects the importance of each placement for both clients and the candidates they hire. When you succeed, we succeed.