Are you a software developer or a Software Development Engineer in Test? Do you sit or study near people in either one of these roles? Then you have probably heard some of the back and forth that goes between these two tech types. Software developers crank out codes and sometimes see the SDETs as bean counters correcting small errors found in the testing phase. Meanwhile, SDETs tend to get on the software developers with attention to detail and end product quality.

The truth is, both of these roles work hand in hand to create a productive outcome for their team. Parallel HR has helped numerous companies recruit people who can serve as software developers and SDETs. Our experience lets us assist both companies and job hunters who are interested in these, and many other tech roles.

Parallel HR offers you the following comparison of these two key tech roles, as well as employment solutions.

What Software Developers Do

Software developers create code for computer programs. App development is a very common function of this role. These apps might include games or platforms for individual people or businesses. The digital explosion means people are scrambling to hire software developers. Every tech company needs people who can create customized features on their websites and apps, or perform the software service the company provides.

What SDETs Do

SDETs get compared to software developers so often primarily because they need the same level of knowledge of code in order to perform their roles. However, often an SDET is focused on testing a developer’s code for the quality of performance. This can be thought of as a contributory role because they are often performing reviews. They assess programs for quality and try to mitigate risks by finding weak points or flaws before the software product is available to the public.

Related Jobs Available via Parallel HR

Parallel HR has helped numerous companies find software developers and SDETs. At the same time, we also help individuals who dream of the creativity and healthy salaries that both of these roles offer.

Take a look at the following job opportunities.

  1. This broadcast company needs a Software Developer in Test who has experience with working with small teams to deliver product developments from inception to development. You’ll need to be able to serve the needs of digital and broadcast media professionals as well as advertisers in this role.
  2. This fast-growing team needs a Java Engineer who can help the team stay productive instead of constantly fixing problems. If you are passionate about being part of a team that pushes boundaries in technology and adapting to the use of new tools, this may be the role for you.

Learn More About Recruiting Software Developers and SDETs

Both of these roles are crucial to a creative, productive and balanced tech team. If you want to learn more about hiring software developers and SDETs, or if you are interested in becoming one yourself, contact Parallel HR online or give us a call at (801) 386-8008. We look forward to learning about your future goals, and how we can help make them happen.