Parallel HR has matched up talent and job openings for numerous employers and employees. We do this by connecting the skills of employees to the needs of the market. Identifying thriving markets is an effective way to find new opportunities. One such market is the technology sector in Utah. This is a field and location rich with openings for experienced, hardworking and motivated individuals.

Forbes listed Salt Lake City as number 4 on its list of best cities for tech jobs. Major companies like Adobe, Electronic Arts (of EA Sports fame) and Twitter can be found in Utah because of the state’s low taxes, flexible regulations, and well-educated and multi-lingual workforce. The area features natural attractions and a healthy housing market, making it an appealing option for employees who may be applying from out of state.

STEM and tech employment has grown in Utah in recent years, giving job seekers reason to be optimistic about finding a position there. Here is a list of the top 5 tech job opportunities in Utah from Parallel HR.

  1. Senior Software Engineer, Java

This fast-growing company needs a senior software engineer who is ready to join a passionate team. If you are proficient in web architecture and design and love to think about problems critically and scientifically, you may be a good fit for this role. You’ll need to be able to break down complex technical issues into small, solvable components for your team.

  1. Build Engineer

This client needs a jr. build engineer who can assist with plans, designs and deployments for enterprise infrastructure, information systems, Internet technology, and more. The client wants to see experience with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Sensations. The ability to travel on-sight to meet with clients will be important as well. Four years of experience preferred.

  1. Systems Engineer

You may be interested in becoming a sr. systems engineer for this client if you’re passionate about nutritional supplements and healthcare products but also have a strong technical background. The essential functions require expertise in handling Windows systems, strong analytical skills, and good communication abilities.

  1. Electrical Engineer

You must be able to perform a wide range of technological functions to become an electrical engineer for this client. Extensive experience debugging customized digital, analog, and battery-operated devices will be key to success in this role.

  1. Senior Software Engineer

If you are passionate about television and media in general, you can help this company with its digital and broadcast tech by becoming their senior software engineer. A successful applicant will be dependable, possess strong communication skills, have familiarity with broadcast equipment, and significant experience with HTML, JavaScript, and general coding.

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