Top Ranked Technology Staffing Agency in UtahWith the technological revolution and the pace of growth doubling every 18 months according to Moore’s law, companies throughout the world today are struggling to keep pace. In the current environment, finding qualified candidates for IT and software development positions is becoming more and more challenging. There is only a limited pool of top talent that exists in the market, and demand for these workers continues to grow every day. Working with a top-ranked technology staffing agency like Parallel HR can allow you to overcome these obstacles and find qualified candidates while spending less time, money, and stress on your end.

The Advantages of Partnering with a Top Ranked Technology Staffing Agency in Utah

You Can Leave the Tedious Research Process to Dedicated Professionals

At Parallel HR, we know that finding qualified candidates can be difficult. Finding the right candidate is not just about finding someone who meets your skill set requirements and necessary years of experience, but finding someone who fits your unique workplace culture and company dynamics. Personality, values, and attitude all come into play, and determining if someone is the right fit your specific organization takes time – particularly if you are not a top expert in this area.

Find Only the Most Qualified Candidates

The costs of hiring a poor-performing employee or one who simply doesn’t fit within your company culture are substantial. Running upwards of tens of thousands of dollars for top executive and management positions, poor hiring decisions can hinder your company’s growth and inhibit your financial performance. With a top-ranked technology staffing agency like Parallel HR, the chances of this issue happening are greatly minimized. Through deep needs analyses, a thorough research process, and long-time experience in the industry, we can help you find only the best job applicants. We’ll work with you to explore what type of employee your company needs, and develop a strategy to ensure your job opportunity is getting in front of these ideal candidates. 

Streamline Your Hiring Process

With millions of job postings online, finding the best employee for your company requires more than a simple update to your company’s job board and posting on a few popular job sites. With broad networks and relationships with thousands of skilled professionals, Parallel HR can help you attract top talent. Never again do you need to deal with combing through thousands of unqualified applicants and time-consuming initial interviews. With the top ranked recruiting staffing agency in Utah, you can better focus on your more important tasks until we find you A-list candidates.

Partner with a Premier Technology Staffing Agency in Utah

The future success of your business depends upon the people you employ. With a deep understanding of the ever-changing technological field, Parallel HR has the expertise you need to find highly-qualified technology workers quickly and cost-effectively. Some of the biggest companies, including The Discovery Channel,, and Capgemini, rely on us as a fundamental partner in helping to grow their businesses. To get started finding top talent for your organization, give us a call at (801) 386-8008 or contact us online.